Real Estate Investment in Mallorca

Recent developments and economic events have proven that stock markets can be a high risk, even when you are focusing at so called steady funds.

All about Real Estate Investment in Mallorca

The market of real estate in Spain has been under pressure during a long time, but please note that some specific areas were not affected at all or just a little bit.

It’s all about the inventory of real estate you could say, but that’s no covering the whole story. Investors are looking for a long term revenu and inventory can change suddenly, so that’s tricky. A lot of agents / brokers can tell you thousands of stories, but it’s better to see the facts.

Real estate in Mallorca is limited and it will not increase significantly. In case the market changes, it will not affect the prices the same asĀ for example happened in many areas at the Spanish mainland during the last years.

The prices of villas, houses and apartments at Mallorca are known to be steady which is a very important fact when searching for an investment. The possible revenues depend on the type of property, but during spring and summer the revenues can be very high.

We can arrange everything when it comes to investing in Mallorca. Just gives us some important information such as the amount to be invested and the area in order to start working for you. No strings attached…. that’s clear.

Do you already have real estate in Mallorca as an investment, then we can arrange everything for you from renting out up to cleaning your property. The only thing you have to do is giving us the key, that’s it.

We only work with the best companies & partners in order to guarantee the best services. So give us a call and let us talk about the possibilities. You will be surprised!