Let’s be realistic about Mallorca Real Estate

Selling real estate in Mallorca is all about prices

If you are thinking of selling your property in Mallorca the most important question is the value in the market. While searching the internet for similar properties you will find hundreds of properties overpriced, which is a waste of time when it comes to selling.

It is important to know that prices are being dictated by the market. When a property is overpriced it won’t be sold and even might be neglected by potential buyers. Therefore it is very important to know the current market up of real estate in Mallorca up to the smallest details.

Our team knows the market and thanks to our extended network we are able to “feel” the current mood of buyers. This means we are able to calculate the right price for your property and this results in selling your property within a reasonable time.

So be realistic and call us today, we are waiting for your call.